UI / UX Design

Along with the data & analytics services we provide to our clients, we also develop websites and apps that allow end users to search, query, and explore the data.

We integrate design thinking principles into our UI/UX consulting to keep the user in mind first and build solutions for them that they are likely to quickly embrace.

Working closely with our clients, we identify stakeholders who will use the solution and dig deep to fully empathize with their current challenges. Based on this, we brainstorm creative and innovative approaches to solve them.

Our process includes the following:

Dashboard & Reporting Solutions

Lakarya's Dashboard and Reporting solutions leverage our modern data architecture, big data technology, and agile analytics. With these foundations, our data visualization solutions create a current unifying source of truth that drives your business' success.

Our consultants specialize in developing robust, scalable dashboard and reporting tools that place operational control and business planning back into the hands of those who need it most.

Our tools incorporate KPI analytics to measure how effectively your business is achieving key business objectives: