Machine Learning

Through our Machine Learning solutions, we help our clients through the stages of the model development lifecycle — from recognition, through model building and training, and on through installation.

Our highly skilled data scientists use industry-leading toolkits, libraries, and frameworks to amplify predictive power and expedite time-to-value.

Lakarya's consultants can help your enterprise thrive by embedding ML to business processes to deliver accruing returns over time. Examples include dynamic pricing, recommendation engines, process automation, personalized marketing, fraud detection, and pattern recognition, among other benefits.


Lakarya employs cutting-edge RPA technology to help your enter prise minimize operating costs, enhance process accuracy, and facilitate productive collaboration between your business and IT.

Our extensive RPA process development knowledge, allows enterprises to better visualize and develop process optimization initiatives from a business user perspective. Our engagements address functions across the entire broad range of your enterprise' landscape, such as:

Agile Analytics

Our Agile Analytics consulting team will help your enterprise achieve the shortest distance possible between a) analytics strategy and b) your return on investment.

With these models in mind, Lakarya's consultants possess training and certification levels in the cutting-edge tools and methodologies we employ:

Our skilful team of experienced problem-solvers are both amply equipped and highly driven to help you win competitive traction and quicken your trajectory towards more accurate business insights.

Customer 360

Lakarya helps you develop or improve Customer 360 solutions, providing insights that allow you to create more personalized engagements with your customers, maximize sales opportunities, and enhance retention and loyalty through deeper, more meaningful customer experiences.

Lakarya's Data and Analytics capabilities, help you get a whole, precise, and truly 360 view of your customers so you can better leverage their past, present, and future engagements with your brand by: