Cloud Migration

Moving data and business processes into new cloud or hybrid data environments constitutes the powerful first step in helping our clients achieve a more full-fledged, data-driven enterprise.

Why use Lakarya's cloud migration services?

Lakarya's certified cloud migration consulting professionals deploy their extensive cloud migration expertise, introducing the quickest approach into each engagement.

Data Analytics

Operating under a much leaner business model today, Lakarya's clients are often looking for ways to do more with less while accelerating time-to-market for data products.

Decoding your complex business questions just became a whole lot easier, quicker and less expensive. We help you:

Simply put, we help enterprises imagine new ways to manage costs, increase sales, and become more efficient.

Cloud Strategy

Lakarya's consultants take a principal role in devising a business-vision focused strategic plan to launch your cloud migration initiative off the ground and on the correct path from the onset.

Our operations place your business goals and needs right at the front of your migration strategy, interpreting these parameters inform all the elements that follow.Our accomplished strategic planners are raring to help your stakeholders design the blueprint your organization can bank on, to successfully journey through its cloud migration efforts with confidence and accuracy.

Cloud Data Lakes

Lakarya's cloud data lakes and data warehouse consulting services allow our clients to escape from rigid data center limitations and scale up and down at will.

It combines data from different sources, controls quality of data and delivers a unified version of the truth.

Your business obtains:

Our experience applying and optimizing cloud offerings gives your enterprise the potential to stay on the forefront.

Cloud DevOps

Lakarya's Cloud DevOps services are engineered around expediting software deployment, using evolved lean technology, to considerably minimize the time it takes to build, test, and roll out applications on behalf of our clients.

Our engineers are adept at providing matchless speed and agility during the development of your enterprise's applications:

Our Cloud DevOps services form the junction of development, operations, and better business outcomes for your enterprise.