As the prevalence and consequence of cybersecurity incidents intensify, it’s the need of the hour for your enterprise to identify and implement ways to strengthen security. To keep up with the swiftly evolving threat landscape, Lakarya provides an extensive suite of Managed Cybersecurity Services that includes cloud security and data security protection across network, servers, applications, users, and secondary devices.

Enhance Your IT Team with our Cybersecurity Services

Lakarya’s managed cybersecurity services expand your IT team’s ability to safeguard applications, computing, and network infrastructure with sophisticated security solutions that are fully managed, easily implementable, and don’t require massive upfront investments. Our offerings are regularly modified, so they can handle shifting threats in a sharp and highly responsive manner.

We understand the difficulties enterprises encounter in identifying, employing, and training skilled IT security staff that puts IT security protection out of reach for many organizations. We therefore provide a potent and economical substitute to ensure security across your networks, devices, websites, and more. Our experts help mitigate the stress of around-the-clock cybersecurity monitoring from your organization’s already burdened internal IT staff.

How Lakarya’s Cybersecurity Services Can Help your Enterprise

Our technical team of cybersecurity experts can accomplish ongoing threat investigations and analysis, providing suggested prevention, and remediation steps. We deliver threat assessment reports that recognize risks to your infrastructure, based on threat intelligence extracted from a variety of internal and external sources.

Our services combine the working aspects of security monitoring with comprehensive analysis to adequately ascertain and minimize known and unknown threats as well as safeguard your information assets round the clock.

What Makes Lakarya’s Cybersecurity Experts Unique

Our experts are capable of effecting reverse engineering of malware and any suspicious applications to acquire valuable information in order to enable new security content used to protect the entire customer base from future compromises. We can also undertake PCI and vulnerability scans to recognize at-risk systems for either compliance violations or known exploits.

No matter where your compute environment resides, our specialists utilize the relevant intrusion detection systems and scanners to deliver network threat detection and response. We can oversee network traffic for suspect incidents, deconstruct identified incidents, and raise issues to the concerned people based on your enterprise’s demands.

Why Choose Us?

As a leading security service provider, our enterprise-grade solutions mitigate any form of disruptions and retain business continuity across your entire organization – giving you time to focus on other priorities. With our services you can be assured of: