Connectivity Solutions

Lakarya is a leading global provider of professional-grade, highly flexible, and structured data connectivity designed for telecommunication companies, service providers and their enterprise customers, governmental and public organizations. Through our broad service portfolio, we can provide a comprehensive process to customizing solutions for each client requirement.

We provide:

OOB Device Management

Providing a new generation of global Out-of-Band (OOB) management, Lakrya helps enterprises avail solutions to meet the growing need for agile, scalable, safe, and economical connectivity. With Lakarya M2M OOB, businesses are able to monitor, access, and manage distributed devices remotely and securely.

M2M OOB features at a glance:

WAN Enterprise Connectivity

3G and 4G LTE networks provide considerable WAN diversity and robustness without reliance on the local terrestrial infrastructure. Small enterprises, branch offices, or remote offices can set up connectivity in no time without having to worry about the availability of broadband services, and continue to stay active during network downtime when used as backup.

Lakarya offers 3G/4G LTE networks for:

Wireless WAN connectivity can ensure your business always stays connected, reduces installation time, and enables data connectivity to carry out operations from almost anywhere your business takes you.