Governance Risk & Compliance

Once the task of implementing tools, people & process is completed, comes the equally vital process of measuring your risk & protective measures. Allow Lakarya to articulate your risk & make sure you implement the right framework & governance for absolute accountability.

Our extensive experience of working with organizations of all sizes, in all sectors, and across the globe, has allowed us to recognize several constants:

Lakarya establishes a governance function into customers keen on estimating and supervising the framework and controls installed to identify and articulate cyber risk, making sure they create value and a dynamically secure cyber posture. To do so, we will work alongside you to develop reports which constitute risk in a concise and pragmatic fashion coherent to all.

We help present your cyber risk posture through the creation of or integration with a cybersecurity framework. Finally, we will enable you to implement a governance component to supervise your cybersecurity framework. Our aim is to help you recognize and appreciate the value your cybersecurity framework provides in terms of minimizing risk and the associated cost along with enhanced security and associated reporting.

We look forward to helping your organization, to articulate your risk and implement a cybersecurity framework to minimize it and a governance function to furnish oversight and accountability.

Managed Security Services

Given the very real and present nature cybersecurity threats, organizations must consistently maintain heightened security awareness to protect their critical information and assets. Concerning federal agencies and organizations that deal with their data, this translates to implementing effective security controls and various IT processes to protect resources and secure infrastructure.

Familiar with the associated with the relevant standards, frameworks, and regulations that organizations should employ, such as:


Lakarya helps you make compliance efficient and empowering with services that help mitigate risk and exhibit security posture. We deliver assessments across global standards, frameworks, and regulations plus advisory services to help successfully facilitate compliance programs.

Lakarya enables you to get superior returns on compliance investment and expand market share with services to help broaden into new markets and build competent differentiators.


The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) is a federal law designed to enhance the security posture of government agency federal systems, bureaus, departments, and their supporting entities, such as vendors and subcontractors.

Vendors and subcontractors that supply information systems to agencies must prove, through an annual assessment, that they meet FISMA requirements. This process constitutes working alongside each agency to achieve an authority to operate (ATO) and be assessed to controls based on FIPS 199, FIPS 200, and NIST SP 800-53 Revision 4.

Our economical FISMA assessment and advisory services help you fulfil your FISMA authorization needs. The process, based on the control selection for the level of impact system provided, closely follows the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF). From controls mapping of various environments, to documentation development for a system security plan (SSP), to security testing and plan of action and milestones (POA&M) management, we can do it all.

Our FISMA compliance services help you:

We have been instrumental in organizations achieving FISMA authorization from agencies such as the Social Security Administration, Department of Justice, General Services Administration, Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security, and others.